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Open Orders + PHPmotion 3.5

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Open Orders + PHPmotion 3.5

Hey everyone,

I’m opening orders today :) Feel free to request yours.Ok, don’t kill me guys. But I’ve to close orders already. I got about 25 orders since yesterday, and there is no way I can make them all in 2 weeks… so I’m accepting the ones I got first. I’ll open orders again when I finish those. Thanks SO much! <3

Didn't take so long this time, right? xD. The portfolio will be updated during this week :)

Also, for those who doesn't know. PHPmotion has a new version (3.5) that it’s a little different from the version 3. 0. So, if you order a PHPmotion template, please let me know if you want version 3.0 or 3.5. Thanks :)

Portfolio Update + Open Orders + New Layouts

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Portfolio Update + Open Orders + New Layouts

So, finally I’m accepting orders! Feel free to place yours.
EDITED: No longer accepting orders… Sorry! Please don’t be upset if yours wasn’t accepted. It’s not personal. I had a lot of orders, and it’s not possible to make all of them. Thanks for everyone who ordered! You are the best <3

I’ve changed the layouts on both main site and portfolio, I hope you all like it. I tried to do something different… it’s a new year and it’s good to have a change, don’t you think?

And the portfolio was updated once again… check it out the new additions!

[02x] PHPMotion – Templates > PHPMotion – Version 3
[01x] Coppermine Galleries > Music
[06x] Coppermine Galleries > Male Celebrities
[01x] Coppermine Galleries > Female Celebrities
[03x] Sites > Tv Shows / Movies
[07x] Sites > Male Celebrities
[11x] Sites > Female Celebrities

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Accepting orders + new layout

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Accepting orders + new layout

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing great.

I changed the layout of the main site. This one doesn’t have any pictures, and it’s quite simple, but I love simple. I hope you like it! I’ll update the portolio in the next few days. :)

I’m accepting new orders, so feel free to place yours. :D

And finally, if you want to know when I am accepting orders, or any update on the site, you can follow my twitter. It’s my personal twitter, but I’ll update N&D stuff there too. So it’s the best way for you to know when the site is updated. ;)

Opening orders + Copycats

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Opening orders + Copycats

Hey everyone, how are you guys doing? I hope everyone who visits the site are doing good :D

Anywho, posting here to letting you guys know that I’m accepting orders again :D, so feel free to place yours! Thank you <3

Also… I hate doing this, but I’m tired and disappointed with others designers copying my codes and styles. So, this one is for you who visits my site and likes my work and still has the nerves of ordering a layout just to copy the code and sell it to someone else. You should be ashamed of yourself! Please, stop doing this. I mean it, or I’ll have to take another measure.