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Accepting Orders

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I’ve completed all pending orders, so I’m accepting new ones once again. :)

I’ve also updaded the new portfolio with these latest works online. I hope you like it, thanks!

Welcome back

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Welcome back to Night and Day Design. It’s been a few months since I didn’t update the site but I never left making layouts in the mean time.

In the last months, I also worked here making some changes; a new layout, some content updates, a new portfolio (which has a few of my recently work only, I’ll be updating more in the future). I hope you enjoy the new look ;)

And as for today I’m accepting a few orders. Thanks!

Accepting Orders

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Hello you :)

I’m back to business, and aceepting a few orders, so fell free to order )
I’m working on a new layout for the site and upading a few things, so a portfolio update will be coming soon.


Accepting again :)

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All orders were complete, and I’m ready to accept new ones. If you are interested please fill out the form here. Thank you!

PS: This time around I’ll accept only 5 orders, because I’m getting close to have my baby, and I don’t know for how much time I’ll be working. I hope you understand. Thanks! :)